Looking forward to our baby, we were picky about choosing photographer. Because it’s the most important ivent in our life. We had looked through photographers, we decides to choose Serg. Because each of his photographies contains soul, feelings, and light.
From our first meeting, we have no regrets about our choice. He is not only a photographer but a very nice and kind person, he is easy to work with.
Everything was done better then we could expect. These are very touching and awesome photographies. At the first time, we were looking through photos in one breath.
You are a lucky man, we were happy to meet you.
Thanks a lot that we could see our happiness as we felt looking forward to our daugther.


Good day. Our wedding was on 5 February 2017. We want to say thanks to Serg and his assistant. Yare are professionals, you could capture every importent moment that’s why photos are so beautiful.
We were worried about photos before the wedding, but the result exceed our expectations.
Thank you for being with us on that day. We wish you well-being.


I have looked through photographies many times. These photos are so lively and positive!  ☺


Thank you for the photo session! Serg is a perfect photographer to work with. He thinks everything carefully – idea, location, time, transport, accessories. Combination of fantasy, talent, professionalism and a good camere make excellent photographies in his hands!


We want to say thank you for saving that warm day of our life in so bright and colourful paints.
It’s very easy to work with you. Photographies are brilliant. I strongly recommend to work with you.


Thank you for photographies! 😃 There are many excellent photos, especially those ones where we don’t look at camera. And where we are small and world is big. 🌍 Thanks for catching so many emotions! 😌.


I am very grateful for the photo session. Photos are cool! There were many positive emotions and memories about good autumn stroll after the photo session. Photographies are high quality! We got our photos very quickly, wow! Thank you again.